With Myself

With Myself
"কত কি করার আছে বাকি "

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Early Dawn I saw Neruda again,coming out from a winter mist;
All the photons were running fast towards the sky to build the next sun.
Suddenly "Kublai Khan" on the "five miles of fertile ground";
And Hitchcock was behind the camera with the Vertigo shot;
He shouted,"Cut"......

I woke up, a dream (or nightmare) rather, a dream of an impatient;
My soul drank all my adrenaline, quite a rush,
A rush of all the chlorides of my blood of being vapour,
A rush of all my wishes to be captured on the screen.

"You may say I'm a Dreamer" ?
Quite an expensive line to buy a Nightmare!
You may say, a Nightmare is also a Dream
But you cant allow your Dreams to be Nightmares.

Suddenly found a silhouette of mine over the wall,
I walked few steps ahead, It came closer
And he extended his hand; I did not.
He became impatient,he shouted,"Cut".
I stood still in my place,silent.

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